On the Road to Uda Walawe National Park..- Day 20/21

UDAWALAWE NATIONAL PARK is located approximately 200 km south-east of Colombo city and is a major eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka . The 30,821 hectares dry zone game park has an annual rainfall of 1524 mm and an average temperature of 29.4°C.

It is most famous for the many elephants that live there (about 600 in total). During a visit, it is not unusual to see whole herds of adults and young elephants– feeding or bathing and playing in the water! In addition to this main attraction, the park is home to many water buffalo, water monitor lizards, sambar deer, monkeys and the occasional leopard, as well as being an exciting location for bird enthusiasts.

A 4WD open-top safari is the only way to see all the wonders that this protected reserve has to offer and our experienced and knowledgeable nature guides will make this an unforgettable experience.

We had a great guide and saw over 50 elephants, water buffalo's ( seen behind us) spotted deer, wild buffalo, crest red-headed hawks, eagles..and a ton of peacocks and colorful birds..was a great morning...

Kalu's Hide Away Resort in the National Park.
A unique feature in the New Chalet is experiencing the outdoor sleeping facility, a true jungle experience. The upper deck suite is an ideal platform for honeymoon couples or those who wish to have complete privacy. We enjoyed the suites on the main level and the swimming pool.

The family in the pool ...Little A loves the water and is learning to kick like crazy.

"Glad the Elephants didn't eat you, Oma."

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Christa said...

Oh ... Oma glad the Elephants didn't eat you too .. I think Alexander is happy to be with his oma. Good picture !