Of the many blogs I read and follow Kim Klassen's is the one I am the most touched by. She lives in Rivers, MB..she is Canadian, she is an artist. Her courses are inspiring and fun to day I hope we can meet in person.

The word she choose for herself for 2011 was Build and she encouraged all of us to find a word that works for us and use it thru out the year..I made this for her and sent it off...her is her reply..

Subject: Re: Build

oh my word... you are so very sweet!! thank you for this!! i adore it!!

i love your one little word.... how exciting to have a new grandbaby!! Claire Anne...what a lovely name as well.....

I want you to know I appreciate you very much.... you are such a light.....
love to you and yours.....xxo, kim

in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. – Max Ehrmann
visit the Café, the inspiration~studio and the Photoshop Test Kitchen for all kinds of inspiration. kim klassen

Here is my word for 2011.Cherish:{ To treat with affection and tenderness; to hold dear; to cherish one's family; to keep fondly in mind; entertain: to cherish a memory; to care for tenderly; to nurture: to cherish a child; to cling fondly or inveterately to; to cherish a memory.}

Little Claire is doing well and they hope to take her home today. She is one of the reasons that my word for 2011 is Cherish..

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