Tempe Art Festival...

Karen and I spent a fun day here at the Tempe Art Festival. She's always fun to be with...we would walk for a while...stop and browse at every booth that interests us ( which are all the jewelry ones)....go ahead and look back to see if one of us is missing. Here are some pictures of what we saw and did.

Last year Karen bought herself an Amber Ring and this year she went back and bought a bracelet..A girl can never have enough jewelry.

The artwork.....

Made from old cars recycled into these colorful garden flowers.

Some sellers did very well while others we talked to said they did just OK...the still felt the reluctance of people to buy because the economy seemed to be very well attended but some of the booths that I wanted to see where not here this year.

My sister Caroline opened up her Log Cabin Studio this weekend with several crafts people and she had a very successful weekend in tiny little Bull River just outside Cranbrook. Proud of you Caroline..

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Happy Day Lady said...

Such cheerful photos! Glad to see y'all put the capital in Fun!! =) Good for you!! Hugs!