We are back in Az..

First of all...Happy Birthday Brad..your Dad and I wish you a wonderful day...also remembering my Dad who was born today in are missed, Dad.

Wow..what an adventure...there were so many special a film reel in my will take a while just to run through it all.. The best part of coming home is sleeping in your own bed with your own pillows..a sweet and simple pleasure.

On Wednesday we spent the day in Dubai and went on a city tour..the contrast between Dubai and Sri Lanka was over whelming..but Dubai and anywhere else is the real world is un-believable. Here are some of the contrasts....I didn't buy a thing in Dubai..We didn't have enough time to start with and I already did my shopping with local Sri Lankan woven handwork..I am really glad we stopped there..the architecture of the buildings is amazing..that is what oil and money can do for such a small country without a civil war..

The jewels at the gold souk. It was wall to wall little shops of gold and jewelry....a warren of small lanes and alleyways filled with rows of shops all beckoning for you to come in and browse. It was a visual treat to see.

This is what fascinated me..all the spices piled high in the little markets..I only wish we would have had more time to explore these markets.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Welcome home stateside!! and what a marvelous adventure you had! Of course the sweetest being with precious family.......also gotta love all your pics - especially of your smiling suntanned faces!! Have fun "Christmasing" your Arizona home! God bless! =)