Alexander's 1st Birthday Party

In Sri Lanka, parties for birthday and weddings are large and happy affairs. Shane and Laurie wanted to celebrate little Alexander's 1st birthday in this happy style. We wish we could of been there. Here is what Shane sent to us, what a wonderful way to celebrate this special little guys's 1st birthday.

Dear family and friends,
Thanks to you all for your best wishes for the little guy's first birthday. We held off until Saturday the 8th so we could have a little get together form him which turned into quite the party. We took lots of photos so that even though he will not remember it he will have lots of pictures so he can get an idea of what his first birthday was like here in Sri Lanka. We had a pretty good roll up given the time of the year with about 33 adults and about 14 little ones aged between 3 months and 8 years of age. Despie being under the weather I think he had a good time. Everyone else certainly did! The bouncy castle, face painting and balloon bending were hits. personally I like the concept of junk food and beer for the dads at 11:00am!
I have a attached a few photos so you can get a feel of the big day.
Alexander and Mummy and Daddy!

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