The beauty of Black and White..

Julie and Claire sharing a quiet moment while Claire sleeps. I got these photos from Julie and Jeremy yesterday. Whenever I get to see new photos of her, I can not believe how much she changes week to week. I am so glad that soon I will be able to take lots of pictures and see the changes with my own eyes.
Now my quest will be to get one of the 3 of them together.
An Oma's privilege, don't you think?!

We are waiting for new pictures of Alexander as he is busy walking, running or pushing his toy lion around the house in Sri Lanka...what a going concern that little guy is!
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Winifred said...

Ah bless! They grow so fast too. They're both lovely girls.

Christa said...

I am so happy for you ... it is absolutely ... by far ... the most precious moments ever in your life when you hold your little angel ... !!! I can hardly wait to see pictures with "Granddaughter & Oma "