Being an Oma

My Stiff neck and all was no match for the love I felt when Jeremy handed Claire to me. What a wonderful feeling holding this little one...but she is truly fussy..she already has a fine voice and is not afraid to use it.
Julie's mom will go home to Victoria for a rest while I take over calming Claire and putting her to sleep after Julie feeds her. Sharon comes back Monday afternoon as I head back to AZ. on Tuesday. Jeremy is taking Friday off to spend the day with us. A lot of arranging to do this week.
Hopefully I will get more pictures of her in a calm and happy state.. I will take her for a ride in her buggy and tenderly try to get her to sleep when it is nap time.


hippo chick said...

Hi Dagmar,

I just spent ten minutes catching up with you. What fun it is to read all your recent posts which I have missed. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

I see you have started knitting. I am knitting again also. I'm making a scarf for a friend who is having chemotherapy. I thought she could wrap it around her neck while she's having her treatments.

Love the crochet cotton. Makes me think of my grandmother who was a master crocheter.

Have tons of fun with sweet little Claire and her parents.

~hippo hugs~

Christa said...

Love this photo ... the joy and love in your eyes as you hold your precious granddaughter for the first time ... :)