Color in my life....

These are a few of the projects I am working on..when I get rid of this stiff neck I can start crafting again.....but my next week will be filled with all things named CLAIRE!
Leaving tomorrow for Vancouver...I know that I will have all kinds of new photos! Jimmy will be spending his time golfing and wondering what shelf he could build next...he is almost out of projects....imagine that!

Don't you just love these crochet balls of thread which are flea market finds...including some 1/2 finished doilies tucked inside the balls.


Winifred said...

Love that pink fluffy rose!

Happy Day Lady said...

Dear Dagmar
God bless you with a safe and oh so joyful journey. I pray every detail is covered and that you will be able to soak in every sweet detail of Claire and your dear son and his dear wife's life. I pray your neck does not trouble you. Have a WONDERFUL time !!! xo