In 2 weeks....

2 weeks ago today Claire was born.
In 2 weeks from today I will get to hold her in my arms when I get to Vancouver.
Jeremy and Julie keep me updated as best as busy tired parents can.
She is a fussy little baby, has a really loud voice and from what Jeremy tells me, she sounds like a little
lamb when she cries. Can't wait to hear that. She finally has slept for 3 hours.. was a good afternoon.
It will be my time to bond with her and take alot of photos!!!
I will Cherish my time with her.

I think I will make her a little lamb..something like this!



Log Cabin Studio said...

Those are really sweet,they would love it!!!

Christa said...

Excited for you to see and finally hold your little lambkin ... I'm sure your camera is ready and we will see lots of new photos with Oma ...!!