Jeremy's dad with Claire....

Jeremy's dad, Peter and his wife Evelyn came down to meet Claire today.
How happy he looks to see our grand daughter. She looks like a sweet little lamb, not fussy at all..or at least when these photos were taken. It really meant allot to me to have a picture of Jeremy with his Dad holding Claire. 3 generations celebrating this happy moment.
Soon I will be able to share in this joy.

Don't they just look so much alike. I don't see very much of Jeremy in me...maybe that is a good thing, EH?


Christa said...

Ooohhh Dagmar ... my heart is happy for you ... precious moments captured ...! Waiting to see that love and joy captured in your eyes when you get to hold your grand daughter ...!!

Chris said...

Seeing Pete holding Claire brought tears to my eyes. Pete's smile says it all - I'm in love!