My desert notebook

Hanging laundry to dry in the sunshine is a pleasure. When you aren't allowed a laundry line in your need to find new ways to get around is my solution! The cloths always smell so fresh when they have been dried in the sun.

These are the dried flowers of one of my barrel cactus..the birds pick them off the cactus and discard them...they dry out and are full of seeds..going to plant some and see how many years the seeds take to germinate. I know Cindy got a cactus to grow from a seed.. It must of taken a few years. I cut the agave down after the last hard frost but they were too nice to throw away..I think I will plant them as well as see if they grow..nothing lost if they don't...that is one of the many thing I love about living here in AZ....things just grow and with a tiny bit of water they grow like they are on steroids!


Christa said...

Love the new header ...!!! Your yard looks fabulous ... lush from the last time I was there ... even growing shirts !!!!

Winifred said...

There's nothing like washing blowing on the line. Smells fabulous!