Picnic at Saguaro lake

Jim and I went for a really nice long ride today. We drove north to the Usery Mountains and onto the back road called the Bush Highway.
I have always smiled at seeing this Phoenix sign on the Mtn.
Apparently before radar the pilots looked for signs such as these to know where the airport was..does that make sense to you?
Jim is 6'3"...this cactus is considerably taller than he is...we walked on the trail around the end of the lake. Guys were fly fishing, dogs were having fun in the water and the sun was shining.
There is a lovely green lichen growing high in the mountains adding to all the beauty that the desert has to offer. It was a lovely day.


Christa said...

These pictures remind me of my visit a few years back ... driving down to Tuscan ... stopping along the way in the cactus forest ... I'll have to find that picture of you and Jim ... what a great time we had ...!!!

Midlife Mom said...

Just hopped over from Pam's Ponderings. Love your pictures. We have been to Arizona a few times and saw the cactus that look so much like your pictures although I don't think they were that tall. The dogs are beautiful!!!