Vintage Road Signs

 These are two new Vintage Neon  Road signs for us. We saw this one in between Globe and Miami..AZ when we went on our excellent adventure on Christmas Eve Day. Maybe next time we travel that way we
stop in and see if the food is good.

This old sweetie is in Casa Grande. I have always wanted to stop and get a photo of this before road construction or development takes these old treasures away. Most of these old signs were on the major highways going thru even the smallest towns. Now the big 4 lane freeways skirt the towns, but if we are lucky we have these vintage neon road signs as a remembrance of a different time and place.

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hippo chick said...

Thanks, Dagmar, for taking us back to a simpler, slower time. One of the reasons I so love Williams, AZ is all the old Rte. 66 reminders there.

How's the weather? I'm itching to get to the Southwest.

~hippo hugs~