Alexander and Claire

 Alexander celebrated his 13 month old birthday with a small party and 6 new you can see he is a very happy and handsome little guy. He is almost walking on his own..any day now...then he can graduate from the baby group to the toddler group where he has playdates once a week..
We talked to them on Skype a couple of days ago and as soon as Jim said hello, Alexander came right over to the computer. As we also sang our "Ants go marching one by one" song for him, he started smiling and trying to touch our faces on the was a sweet moment to know he recognizes us after 3 months since we saw him..

Claire at 6 weeks...she has a ways to go before she is walking but she sure is 
bright and interested at what is happening around her..
Everyday there is a new change with her..I sure miss her and am counting down the days until I see her again in April.


Christa said...

Love the new header ... almost a new one daily now ? Sure has been fun working with you !
Chubby little ceeks on Claire ... so cute ...! Thank goodness for Skype to be able to stay in touch with your "kidlets" eh ... Oma ?

Christa said...

oops ... guess I'm still adjusting to the new glasses ... "cheeks"