Cotton Candy Colors

Yesterday I went up to my knitting class and learned all kind of new words when reading a pattern.
One of them was ssk (slip, slip, knit) and yo (yarn over) these
are lovely and scary sounding names to a novice knitter..but here you see one of my finished treasures..
a humble but pretty dish cloth.
I bought several hanks of cotton and was able to wind it up into this lovely looking ball that reminds me of cotton candy.
I am sure that not everyone understands about my love for cotton, wool, silk, & linen (thanks Cindy)
but no need to worry..
it's all about being happy, contented, fulfilled and joyful.
that is why I craft..good reason isn't it?

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Tracy said...

I love making dish cloths to use and give as gifts. I made one for a friend just last week in nice, springy colors. I can't remember if I asked you before, but do you use It's my favorite knitting/crocheting resource. There are countless patterns available for all skill levels and many are free.

Christa said...

Wow ... so proud of you ... looks great for your first one ... keep on creating those Granny Squares too ... !!!