Crafty Friends..

Alanna spent the night a few days ago..She made me this great large bag..for the beach, books, name will fit..she even embroidered my name on it. You may remember that while in the Maldives and Sri Lanka the bag she had made for me several years ago was the one that I used the most. Right now this great bag is holding all my new wool.

Then here is Frosso with her new creations. While in Vancouver, Frosso and I went to several knitting stores and checked out the large array of wool, silks and all things handmade. We spent the time together with her showing me how she knits and crochets...mostly with out a pattern...what a gal.

So if you have a few crafty friends...I have several more in my close circle of girlfriends and sisters..remember to compliment them..especially if they make little or big things for me there is nothing more thoughtful when it is handmade or home grown..from fresh baking, to raspberry jam..fresh tomatoes right from the vine..a painting...a knitted or crocheted wash cloths..a beautiful photograph....a brooch..a bag..a knitted scarf..a beautiful ceramic bowl.....the list goes on!

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Christa said...

Love the new wool storage bag ... or beach bag ... I'm impressed with Frosso's creations ... I, on the other hand, am still using patterns printed on paper ... !