Leaving Vancouver

Stayed overnight with my friend Layne last night..After I left Jeremy and Julie's and kissed my little Claire goodbye..I went over to Frosso's, picked her up to take with me to Layne's. We had a wonderful dinner and caught up on our lives with a friendship going back to 1973 and 1977.

Our early, early morning look..I held out my small camera with her in my lap and here is the photo..what a little joy she is.

Happy to be heading home to be with Jim.


Log Cabin Studio said...

You and Claire have a lovely early morning look....I hope you had a great trip...
Love ya

Christa said...

It won't be long before you are back in Kelowna and will be able to see Claire again ... She will have changed so much by then ... thank goodness you have Skype to stay connected so that Oma can continue to talk and sing ... Claire will remember and light up when she hears your voice ... this grandma knows ...!!!