Alexander and Claire

Alexander at 14 months just hanging out on the couch having a snack..he has 8 teeth and is starting to walk on his own. He is such a happy little guy. Taking swimming lessons, going to play group and well as a music group..he will be a well rounded little Aussie-Canadian when he grows up!

Claire is growing well. She is starting to sleep 7 hours non stop a night then another 4 or 5 hours after her feeding..Her afternoons are her fussy times and the weather in Vancouver hasn't been great to take her out in her buggy. Here she is at 2 1/2 months in her gardening outfit. Aren't we lucky to have such sweet grandbabies?

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Christa said...

He is so cute ... could munch on those chubby cheeks ... chillin' probably like his dad with snacks and a different kind of beverage I'm sure ... and as for Claire .... love her big, dark eyes ... wonder what she's thinking of ... watching mom take the picture I suppose ... ! So sweet ...!