A bit of this and that....

I am off to have lunch with Shannon today up in Mesa, it will be wonderful to see her and to stop in to a couple of my favorite stores for a bit of thriftiness.
My poor Cindy got skunked yesterday on her journey to her thrift stores in Nelson....but if you can imagine this...she found a really old vintage junk store that had been there 7 years and hadn't discovered it yet! It will be on the top of her list soon!.
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Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

Good Morning!

Very spring y collage. We're still waiting for spring up here.

Have a great day and happy "thrifting"!

Christa said...

Love the collage ... that is a really good picture of you as well ... have a great day "Thrifty Shopping " and visiting with Shannon ... xoxo

hippo chick said...

Great picture collage. I'm with Christa about the lovely picture of you. I love the yarn colors. Sounds like your cruise was terrific. Always fun catching up with you.

~hippo hugs~