This little blanket will be a gift for Claire when we see her in a couple of weeks. It is my first crocheted project and with every stitch I made, I thought of Claire and filled it with my love.
My thoughts were also of my Mom who knitted so beautifully and how much she would of loved this little great grand daughter of hers.
I thought about all the adventures she will have in her life and how lucky she is to have been born to Julie and Jeremy.

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Log Cabin Studio said...

Handmade with love from Oma,it can not get better than that!!!

Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

What a lovely blanket and the colours are beautiful.
Adorable baby I love the last photo!
Have a great Saturday!

Christa said...

Wow so impressed ... I am so proud of you with finishing Claire's blanket ... she will cherish this gift from her Oma ... she is adorable... I love being a part of your life and sharing these precious moments with you ... ohhhh and I love the new header ...!! xoxo