March Madness..

Crocheting and Knitting projects finished or underway...Finally I have mastered the basket stitch {a beginner stitch} for knitting and finished off my scarf with a crocheted scalloped edge. A little granny square blanket for Claire underway.
Oh my goodness, I am loving these colors for spring.
Green Sheen, Ocean Spray, Coral Lipstick!

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hippo chick said...

Hi Dagmar,

As I have no wi-fi in the condo this year, I am always behind in blogging. I love the chair Cindy did for you. My Jim painted six chairs, bold summer colors for my screen porch a few years back. What a lot of work.

Your knitting is coming along beautifully. I am in the process of a scarf. I love the colors you have chosen. Is that cotton yarn?

And the Grand Canyon. Jim and I have taken that train ride too. Isn't it fun? We love the GC. Your pictures are great and as usual you look happy and fit.

~hippo hugs~

Christa said...

I love the spring colours .... and I am happy that I get to have a sneak preview of your projects... keep it up... you are doing great !