Spread the Joy

This is from Jamie's blog about spreading the Joy..check out her blog

What's a swap? It's simple - Jamie will collect the names of all those interested, match them up and then everyone will prepare, send and receive a little something special in the mail.

What should go in your package? Things that would bring someone joy: a much love book, a mixed cd, something you lovingly handcrafted, a beautiful shell you picked up on the beach, your favorite chocolate, prints of your best photos, the list of possibilities is endless. Just remember, it doesn't have to be expensive, with a bit of creativity you can make someone's day.

To participate email Jamie at: auroraforever@ Send her your name, blog address and mailing address, and let her know if you are willing to ship out of your home country. She will accept participation requests until end of day Monday, March 21. In a week or less she will have emails back out to everyone with the information on their partners. You'll have 1 week to 10 days to put together your package of joy and get it in the mail and then you'll be able to start watching the mail for your package full of joy.

One last request - help her spread the word. The more participants she gets, the more fun it will be and the more joy we'll generate. You can spread the word on your blog, send an email to your friends or post about it on Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to copy and use the photo above in your efforts to spread the word. Doesn't that red door make you happy - kind of the way you can't help but smile when you hear this song.

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