focus52. 15/52

This weeks focus 52 all about HOPE..To me my sweet grand-daughter Claire defines hope! Hope for the future filled with such promise that our young ones bring! Hope that our little Alexander will live a life filled with joy!

HOPE- noun
1. the feeling that something desired is possible
2. person or thing giving cause for hope
3. something hoped for - verb (used with object)hoped hoping
4. to look forward to with desire and confidence - verb (used without object) hoped hoping
5. to have hope


Lisa said...

Ha, ha, ha...too cute!

Christa said...

Oh my how sweet ... love the shades ...she is so ready for spring ... we can only "hope" the best for all our children big and small ... and for all those that are in our lives and loved ... xoxo
sending love and light to you my bff ...

Barbara said...

So sweet! Truly a wonderful take on "hope"!

hootnonny said...

She's adorable! Love those sunglasses!