Granny Goodness

My darling sister, Caroline, gave me this afghan that our mom knitted. She knows how much this will mean to me when I get it. Thank you Caroline! I will treasure this.

This is the blanket and little hat Caroline crocheted for her granddaughter Gianna, with out a pattern..What a sweet handmade gift filled with love in every stitch!

My luck continues to hold..or good thrifting skills when I found these two grannies up high on a shelf waiting for me to take them home for .50 cents each..Can you imagine the work that went into these and then given away..however...They will be ok now they have found a good home with us! Even Jim commented on the amount of work in them and what a bargain I found! A happy addition to our couch!

A nice of supply of yarn, for 1.25 per bag...I throw the pillows in the dryer with some fabric sheets as well as throw fabric sheets in the baskets...They continue to smell fresh for days.


Barbara said...

I have so many afghans made by my mother, grandmothers and even one from my sister-in-law - like wrapping yourself in love!

Jamie said...

I so wish I'd learned to knit / crochet when my grandma wanted to teach me

Christa said...

Aren't you the luckiest person ... gifts from your sister ... thrift store finds ... and a home for two handcrafted pillows's been a good day for you ... Caroline did a great job on the blanket and hat for Gianna so cute ... xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

The epitome of granny chic!