The view from here

This is what greeted us when we arrived back here to our home..Usually at this time of the year we have have spring in full bloom..not this year..brrr...we live in this beautiful valley on with a 125 mile long lake...vineyards and orchards surround us..we need the sun and warmth to truly become the sunny Okanagan Valley.
This is the view from our dining room window looking south east..I never get tired of this view. Sometimes early in the morning we see a deer or one of the many coyotes running across the fairways to get out of the golfers way. We also have a large population of marmots and it any wonder we have a good size coyote population? The song birds are plentiful as well as hawks, ospreys and a nesting pair of bald is lovely to sit on our covered upper deck and watch this all unfold.


Barbara said...

What a gorgeous view!!

Christa said...

Spring time in BC ... at least you have the green golf course to see as well ... our grass is still brown or white right now ... lovely view ... love the new spring header as well ... xoxo

Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

Very glad to see that you made it home safe and sound! Crazy British Columbia weather we are having, we woke up to new snow on the ground this morning and it snowed all day off and on.
Very beautiful view that you have.
I too, love your beautiful, colourful, spring header.
I have to go catch up on whatever I missed now.:)

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

You live in a beautiful area! I think spring is late in a lot of places, but you do have some green to look at.

That photo of the colored pencils in your header is STUNNING!