Shane and Laurie now have a private family blog for Alexander...showcasing our little boy who is walking..rather..he is running all over the house. Nearly 16 months he has taken the big step from the Baby group to the Toddler Group..with all his 15 little pals. Their blog is much easier for Shane's parents in Australia and us here in Canada to keep up with what is happening in their life in Sri Lanka..way to go Shane and Laurie!

(Here is Alexander and some of his buddies at a baby group hosted by Laurie (and Alexander) on Easter thursday. There were fifteen mums and fifteen babies by the end of the two hours allocated for the little social event. Much laughing, gurgling and the occassional wrestle over a toy of interest but nowhere near as cut-throat as between the terrors in the toddler group!) ( excerpt from Shane's blog!)


Jamie said...

He's adorable.

Christa said...

Ohhhh ... the fun ... all in one room ...! He sure has grown and he is on his way to trouble ... they will need their running shoes now ... it's only just begun :) xoxo