DIY Shrug..easy peasy!

Find a small crocheted baby blanket at a thrift store measuring approximately 36x28 or so..fold long sides in half..crochet edges up about 4-6". {I did 18 sc}...put on shoulders and admire yourself for being so thrifty, crafty and clever...cost $2.00!

fold in half..crochet up about 4-6 "on right and left hand sides from bottom to where the arm holes will.

I added a bobble shell edge from Lucy at Attic24 around the front half of the shrug HERE

No other model was it had to be me...hope this gives you a good idea of my very first tutorial..I love re-cycling something.....imagine some sweet lady made this probably for
a baby.... and now I have this lovely little shrug to wear..oh, this made me so happy.I went on to Skype right after I finished it and did a show and tell with my dear friend Christa..she is always so good about being there for me and giving me her honest opinion....and honestly..she is the best...she always loves what I make..what a wonderful

The back..has a lovely large granny square on it..perfect for this newly minted "Oma"

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Christa said...

Great tutorial ... !!! So proud of you learning all the new stitches ... "Easy peasy .. " I love that you share your creations with me ... gives me great pleasure being a part of it ... it goes both ways ... you are always there for me as well ... ! xoxo
PS: I see that your private photographer was there for you ... to take the photos ... :)