Oh I am so happy, my Cindy is here for a visit....she is staying overnight then flying on for a holiday with cousins in Seattle then back to me so we can continue "thrifting" on Tuesday for a few more days.

These are some of Cindy's gifts to me..remember this chair she found and painted "Swan White" and here is that chair made into a beauty! Lovely embroidered pieces, floral tablecloths, bark cloth curtain panels, small chalk birds, homemade jam, baking and treats...oh..and so much more..It is all heading to the craft room for a proper photo shoot..


Log Cabin Studio said...

You have such lovely friends and family!
hoping you are having a great day.

Jamie said...

What lovely gifts.

Christa said...

Cindy did an awesome job on the chair ... looks brand new ... I guess it's your responsibility to make it look vintage ... :) Your friends only give back what you openly give to them ... special friends to special friends ...! xoxo