Grand Mother's Day

I was so touched by this loving gesture that Jim did for me...Flowers from the grandchildren for "Oma's" Day! Before we had grandchildren we had dogs..and every year they would buy me flowers and leave a card..I still have all the cards...Jim was away for a couple of days seeing his 97 year old Mom in a nursing home...when he came home he gave me this sweet bouquet from Alexander and Claire. How truly thoughtful he is!


Log Cabin Studio said...

That is sweet.Happy Grandmother's Day.

Christa said...

What a beautiful thought ... for Jim to do this on behalf of the grandchildren for you ... special moments like this to last your whole life ... we are blessed to have these special men in our lives ... have a great day my friend ... !

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Now that was thoughtful! Gorgeous flowers!