My new cubbies...loaded :)

Over the past 2 days, Jim has been building me new cubbies to store my "loot"
craft supplies in....necessary to lead a fulfilled life in my neck of the woods..
He is a marvel at making me exactly what I want..
The cubbies on the left have been there for several years and today I did a bit of editing..still some more needed as I see some empty shelves that might get filled with be some fabric.. 

I can easily see what I have and which projects I can work on at any given time..Here are a few photos of the cubbies filled with some of my pottery taken from another room that I
don't spend as much time I might as well enjoy them in here.

The above photo is my desk area with my computer, a couple of printers, my scrap booking as well as my space to make some jewelery, journal as well and upholster that bench you see in the background!

My stamps all lined up neatly on a shelf Jim built for me..I know, I am very very lucky to have a husband that likes to build..his motto is " A happy wife makes a happy life" been working for 22 years so no use changing
Thanks sweetheart for building all of this for me!

My sewing table and behind this and not pictured is my new cutting table built last fall.

So there you have wonderful craft room..
As Suzanne of Meridian Road said to me..this could be the world headquarters of... 
....Studio Dagmar..Inc..
Now I just have to go and craft something.
Thanks for that! 


Christa said...

Oh my ... how wonderful ... !! Can't wait to join you in your special place and craft with you ... Soon I hope ...!
Jim did a fantastic job ... I will be showing Mike these photos so maybe once he is retired and has nothing to do ...yeah right ... he can whip up a few cubbies for me ... Love it ...! xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Wow! You have the perfect setup! There's so much storage in those cubbies! I think you need a sign in there. Dagmar Studios, Inc. ;0D

You have a really nice pottery collection,too.

Simone said...

This is one serious craft area! I am very impressed, I thought I had some craft materials..but yours is impressive. I will have to show my husband that there is a person out there with more supplies that me! Thank goodness for your handy husband!!!

hippo chick said...

Just how big is your craft room? It is fabulous.

Sorry I'v been such a bad blogging buddy since I arrived home. I'm not real sure what I've been doing, but it hasn't been blogging or keeping up with my blogging friends. Hopingto be better in the coming days.

~hippo hugs~

Pollyanna said...

Wow this is so amazing ... just pinned it to my Pinterest craft room board ... yeah!