Weekend Walks

Every weekend and most week nights, Jim and I try to get out and go for a walk..we have certain to Peachland along the lake..or just down from our home..where we used to walk the dogs which is along the lake as we'll....but this past weekend we took the Mission Park goes on for miles along the creek....there are many families with small children play and have picnics there as well as riding along the paths or playing in the creek..what fun on a hot a few of the photos I took that day!


Christa said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day ... I love going for walks along rivers and lakes ... gives you a feeling of peace ... enjoying natures treasures along the way ...
Have a great day ! xoxo

raining sheep said...

I know that trail, it's quite beautiful. Looks like you have some amazing weather. We have some nice days, but it is definitely not hot. I so would love to live in Palm Desert!!