When Summer Gets Here......

I have the best summer time job in the Okanagan Valley. From mid April to the end of September,
I go once a week or so to our Signature Liquor Stores here in the Okanagan
and I talk
We used to live in Nelson BC for about 15 years and I know some of the owners quite well!
{My Cindy's husband is one of them}
They only make Organic Beer and it is wildly popular. Around my display table I am surrounded by our organic beer.. I talk about the beer, about Nelson, and give them a
little taste of summer. The brewery crew is always busy brewing up a new delicious batch of beer for me to showcase and sell.
It is such a fun and interesting job.
I like to call it my "Farm Chicks/Thrift Shoppe Summer Fund"

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Barbara said...

Now that would be a great job!!