Ahoy Mates!

We asked permission to board...permission granted...various chores jackets put on and the all girl crew took Shirley's lovely boat out for a cruise..
Here are some of this seasons most fashionably dressed chicks.

Jim called just as we were going to start the boat up and he said if he was a pirate he would try to capture our boat..aharr mates!!!!!!

Frosso took control of Adelante when we were in calm waters and did a superb job...we had such fun...then dinner and wine aboard...a perfect evening with such great pals. Layne did a wonderful job keeping her eyes peeled for small crafts and dead heads...( logs)

Thanks so much Shirley for the cruise! Hope your grand baby arrives this weekend.


Christa said...

Looks like you had a lovely day for a cruise ... Shirley has a beautiful boat ... love seeing the houseboats along the shore ... that was my sisters dream to one day purchase on of those houseboats and live her life on the water ... I'm excited to finally be setting our boat out on the water this weekend ... mind you it isn't as well equipped as Shirley's ... but you don't need anything fancy to pull in those Rainbow Trouts ... !!!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, how fun! It looks like perfect weather for a little cruise.
You're looking pretty stylish in your purple life vest. ;)