Craft Room Up-date

My handsome and handy husband Jim, just finished one of my last requested projects in my craft room! ( wink wink)...still needs a shelf on top, a flip down table..etc..etc......So for Father's Day while he was getting emails from Brad and Carmen in Spain..on Skype with Shane, Laurie and Alexander in Sri Lanka and a Skype call from Jeremy and Claire.....I went downstairs to write this message on this newly constructed black board.

It was a very good day...after all the calls and messages we went to Bliss in Peachland for a landmark cinnamon bun...and a good long walk by the lake......a perfect day to celebrate what a great Dad, Grandada/Opa he truly is!

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Christa said...

Looks great ... job well done ... seems to be quite a bit of chalk dust on that board ... did it take you back to school days ?? I also noticed the bunting above it ... love the colours..!
Happy you both had a lovely day on you drive to Bliss ...