Going to see Claire...

Heading out this morning to see Claire..She will be 6 months old on Wednesday...she is sitting up, rolling over, teething and I know she is just waiting for her Oma to arrive. I am entrusted with looking after she while she sleeps when Jeremy and Julie go out for dinner on Sunday night...I will be a great babysitter.
I will be visiting Frosso, Layne and Shirley, shopping at Granville Market as we are having a picnic on Shirley's boat....on the dock or on the hook in False Creek. I think you know that there will definitely be more photos coming your way!
Jimmy will have our friends Bob and Sue here while I am need to cook as Sue has so kindly offered!


Log Cabin Studio said...

Have a great time Oma,

Christa said...

How lucky for you ... can't wait to hear all about your evening babysitting ... ! Have fun with your precious little girl ...!!! Enjoy your picnic with the ladies as well ... a great get away for you ... !!! xoxo