Off we Go to the Farm Chicks Show!

OMG! Cindy and I are ever so excited..Our annual pilgrimage to see all this beautiful stuff..some might wrongly call it junk..but nay nay I is totally in the eyes of the beholder!
Two days of bliss..all kinds of junky eye candy for these two thrift store mavens! We are getting many requests from our nearest and dearest to be invited on our next annual trek to Mecca..and we will discuss the possibilities of a numbered lottery system to be fair to all! :) Here's to a fantastic girls weekend and it could not be done with out the love and support ( and a bit of bribery) to our darling men in our lives! Thank you Jim and Tim!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, I wish I were going! I'll have to live vicariously through you, and enjoy all your pictures.
Have a great time!

Christa said...

Can envision you two crazy ladies ... flitting here and there throughout the show ... laughing, chatting, eyes popping with exquisite finds ... so excited for you both ... enjoy and have fun ... Fill those fancy carts ... !!! xoxo