Out of the Kiln

My two talented sisters...Evelyne and Caroline are having a wonderful crafty time in Bull River where they are hand crafting some pottery. Evelyne uses the wheel and Caroline builds mostly by hand. Evelyne is trying some slab work as well. I know they had a few anxious moments when opening the kiln for their first firing! Hoping that all the pieces turned out ok and the glazes worked!
Caroline's garden critters are such fun...although she tells me the glaze wasn't as green as she firing!

I just love what came out of the kiln...fanciful, practical, beautiful, and full of crafting goodness...way to go my 2 favorite sisters!


Christa said...

So exciting for Evelyne and Caroline ... look out Bull River the sisters are on a roll ... lovely pieces ... you can't help but be proud of them ... lucky you ...! I will have to pay them a visit one of these days ... (when I get a little time to venture out) to go and see them and have a peak at what they are creating ... ;have a great day ... ! xoxo

Barbara said...

Those are so pretty! How fun to be able to create pieces like that!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That looks like so much fun!
Do you think you'll go give that a try?