Some of my gifts and finds!

Here are 3 sweet gifts from Cindy for my birthday (in September) given to me early so I can enjoy them! My collection of ceramic pieces is growing..aren't they adorable?

She is sure that by the time my birthday comes along she will have forgotten what
she gave me and I will get more loot!
Thought that the big one with Thumper and Bambi would be a great urn for my last remains.
(long time hence, I hope)..
Cindy was worried as it didn't have a lid but I could just get one made from my sweet sisters.
(who at this moment are waiting the first un-veiliing of their glazed pottery from their new kiln!)

Buttons from the Farm Chicks, glass platter and tablecloths as a gift from my Cindy.
String found in Value Village with instructions to crochet a shopping bag.

The McCoy vase below adds to my collection of McCoy. Love
this day I will tell what happened to my turquoise collection of vases.

Doilies to be made into pin cushions as well as a lovely ball of yarn in a vintage tart pan.

These are some of the finds and the presents I recieved while on our Farm Chick trip.
Ironstone bowls $1.99 each at Value Village...what a find that was..As well as the large platter $3.99
and the smaller one for $1.99. Never be afraid to bend over and check the lower shelves..although getting up is harder these days..good to have a helper along! :)
Gifted little ironstone jug from Cindy. Thanks dear friend!
So my collection is looking for a larger pitcher to put some summer blooms in!


Christa said...

So much to look at .... ! Beautiful items on display ... Jim will need to build an addition onto the house soon to accommodate all your loot ... you are truly blessed with good friends like Cindy ... what a great life ...!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Ooooh! Well, you know I'm drooling over the tablecloths and the ironstone. The McCoy vase is gorgeous! The little deer pottery pieces are really sweet~great stuff, Dagmar!