What the "Farm Chicks Saw!"

Here is what we saw yesterday..Today is a whole new ball game..The vendors will be stocking up for the 10:00 rush of eager"chicklings."
Was great getting to meet Serena and Heather, and Jenny at the dinner as well as at the show..Next year we will be opening this wonderful weekend up to our good buddies!


Christa said...

Interesting photos ... ! Someone eles's "junk" is treasure for others ... I will definitely be looking at things with a different view ... ooohhh the trouble this sisterhood is leading me into ... have another great day you two ... xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It's kind of an overload, isn't it? So many cool things to look at, all in one building. Are you seeing any new trends there?

Tracy said...

We were so lucky to meet you and Cindy! The best part of this amazing show was the opportunity to make new friends.

cindy gibb said...

Tracy, that is what The Farm Chicks is all about. It was great to meet you and Lori as well. Will see you both next year at the Show, if not before if you come up to Nelson for a beer! Cheers, Cindy