15 seconds of fame

In 1998 I worked for Sumac Ridge Winery while we were living in Nelson.
I am mad about all things Martha Stewart and my girlfriends used to call me Dagmartha all the time..I have every single one of her magazines...including her first issue, all of her books and besides all that...I make alot of the crafts she has in her magazines or books.. Jim bought me tickets to go see her in Calgary for dinner and a visit with Martha...I brought her a bottle of our Ice wine and was able to give it to her...She graciously came over to our table and thanked me....this is her thank you letter to me!
Here is the little snow globe I made from one of her Christmas magazines...I think that year I made about 20 of these little snow globes to give as gifts..they still make me smile after all these years!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

How nice that she sent you a thank you note!
I like a lot of her crafts,too. The first time I'd ever even heard of her, I was watching TV and she was on a program showing us how to replace window panes. :) Putty and everything.

Dagmartha! That's too funny!

Christa said...

What a special memorabilia from the one and only Martha Stewart ... I remember you telling me about it a long time ago ... and I haven't made the snow globes yet ... never seems to be enough time with all the company I have over Christmas ... maybe we will have to make them when the grandchildren come in August ... !!! xoxo