Claire's first wedding

Claire all dressed up in her party finery for her Uncle's wedding in Victoria. The lovely lady to her left is her 96 year old great grandmother....I can't wait to see all the photos of how cute she looked...she is being held by her proud Mom, Julie.


Christa said...

So cute ... I knew it would be a frilly, girlie dress for a wedding ... most families with little girls dress them up like princesses ... when she gets older ... I can see her dancing around with all the frills ... when she plays dress-up ... and I'm sure Oma will add to her wardrobe with shoes and jewels to match... !!! xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

She looks like a little fashionista! What a cute picture! Just wait until she can change her clothes herself. I predict 5 to 7 wardrobe changes every day. :)

Log Cabin Studio said...

How sweet is that,she looks adorable!!!

Barbara said...

What a doll!