Colorful bracelets

I saw these friendship bracelets HERE as well At The PurlBee HERE.
Both sites have really well illustrated tutorials.

I never got to go to camp as a kid and because we were bus students, we had to come right home on the bus after school...Of course I missed out on a few things ( but my life was greatly enriched by many others)....and I know you are never to old to be a I learnt how to make my version of a friendship bracelet and was very proud to wear it was totally fun to make..took up quite a bit if my day and sure kept my brain cells active!
Here is my take on a friendship bracelet. Some mis-steps... a few wobbly knots, but that is the joy of wearing something Handmade


Winifred said...

Those colours are gorgeous! Thank you for the info about how to make them. Think I'll have a go too. I've never done this before either. When I was in Guides we just did knots on ropes nothing fancy like this.

hippo chick said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Although you couldn't go to camp, you had wonderful brothers and sisters to share you summers with.

Sorry I've been a bad friend.

~hippo hugs~

Christa said...

You did a fantastic job ... so proud of you ... I did go to camp as a kid and later when the boys went to camp ... I was able to make them again ... I seem to remember using coloured plastic material (think I still have one packed away somewhere) the boys also used Jute for their friendship bracelet (wrist band) ... I'll have to see what I can find to start making them with the grandchildren ... thank you for bringing back some pleasant memories ... xoxo

Tracy said...

Great projects! I used to LOVE making these when I was a kid! I used to do "custom orders" and share them with my friends, boys too. They were fun to make using our school colors. :)