Happy Birthday "Gertie"

It is mfsibrtp { my favorite sister in Bull River that paints} birthday. I adore Caroline. She is feisty, sweet, loving, kind, determined and an outdoorsy kind of gal. I call her Gertie or Carrots of just Caroline..she is 9 years younger than me and many years wiser....she is a loving wife to Larry and a great Mom to Troy and Kari..grandmother to Gianna..I am so happy to be her sister and to call her my friend! I know our other sister Evelyne who is one of my fav's as well feels the same way!
Happy Birthday Caroline!


Margaret said...

Hip happy birthday to your dear sweet sister! Mx

Christa said...

Happy Birthday to Caroline ... such a special lady ... privileged to be a part of the sisterhood ... xoxo

cindy gibb said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Happy birthday to Caroline!!

You're so lucky to have sisters - I had 3 brothers and always longed for a sister - for sharing girlie things!

Shane :)