What I miss the most.

Our dogs...Cookie, Pebbles and Sable and my old dog Buffy...These pets have a place in our hearts that are forever there....
This was Pebbles (in black spots) and Cookie..our chocolate chip Dalmatian
on our spare bedroom/craft space in our AZ. home.

Sable was our Sheltie..she kept Cookie in line when Cookie was a pup..
Sadly, I was unable to find a photo of Buffy..the Sheltie that we had when Jeremy was young...I must go thru my albums to find one of her! They leave their paw-prints on our hearts!


Christa said...

Our precious pets ... will always have a place in ones heart ... I should go thru our photos and feature them on the blog ... great memories ... ! xoxo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Some dogs you never forget. They're so special.

We had a Great Pyrenees that was the best dog. He was like the nursemaid dog in Peter Pan. He'd walk the kids to their bus stop in the mornings and go back in the afternoon to wait for them so he could walk them home. He'd stand between the little ones and anything he didn't think they should go near, much to their frustration. :) I miss him.