Mollie Makes....Dagmar Makes

This set of photos are all from issue 3 of Mollie is hard to find an issue here and @$13.95 it is a magazine to be treasured.....however...on Zinio HERE you can down load all the issues (so far there are 4) for about $6.72 each....and read them as many times as you like......

This is my take on Mollie Makes as well as one of my lovely crochet/knit flower books...sitting at the beach in the shade, crocheting these little gems was a wonderful way to spend yesterday afternoon!

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Christa said...

Wow ... ! You have been busy ... they are so colourful ... and cute ... and thank you for sending me the link to get the Mollie Makes magazines ... there is lots to read and things to make ... now I just need the time to sit and craft ... !!! xoxo