old globes in the guest room....

Both of our guest rooms are on the lower floor where we can walk out to the golf course and our garden......they share a full bathroom.....I love this is sunny and bright with lots of flowers right outside the window...this is where a few of my old globes reside... 3 more are opposite the bed on an old white cupboard as well a few more in the family room.

To determine how old your globe is you just need to see when they changed the name of a particular your globe says Ceylon.....Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka in 1972....your globe was produced before 1972....check out some other countries on your globe...especially Africa..this makes for a good history lesson.......thanks to my Cindy for a couple of these treasures!


Christa said...

Great additions to any room ... the world is always changing ... and to think I tossed out a few of them years ago ... silly me ... !!!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

They really add something to a room, don't they? I've been looking for more for my son's room.
Your guest room is lovely with that huge window and those soothing colors. I LOVE the little desk next to the bed.

Maaike said...

Oh wow Dagmar, this room looks so pretty... and what about the view!! Really amazing.

And yes, we hope to catch a flight to Canada in just a few weeks from now. So exciting! We can hardly wait, but the visa have to be ready first.

Happy weekend,
love Maaike