An amazing drive....

2629 km = 1643 miles.. 3 days...Calgary AB to San Tan Valley, Az.
We had alot of fun..Jim did most of the driving...and I tried to keep him entertained...I know we are both glad to be sleeping in our own bed tonight...Here are some of the photos I took today...hope you enjoyed this trip with us!

cool vintage motel..on hwy 89a

follow this road for an amazing drive! elevation gain 7910'

The Vermillion Cliffs....the colors are gorgeous!

@ the Cliff Dwellings...

quaint and colorful!

the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River....truly an engineering feat.


Christa said...

Amazing photos ... I have thoroughly enjoyed following this trip with you & Jim ... one day Mike & I hope to travel to the Grand Canyon ... and maybe come to see you ... !!! xoxo

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

That is some amazing scenery! I would love to travel out west one day. Just gorgeous.