Thrifty finds....

When Cindy was here last week we had a chance to go to our favorite thrift stores...this week I had time to make a few things out of these finds...Cindy had given me this piece of knitting that she found in a suitcase...there wasn't any pattern..she wanted the suitcase so she took the wool {along with another partially finished yellow sweater in it as well} and gave it to was is lovely knitted piece..I cut up another old sweater that I had thrifted and made it into a pillow. I just sewed up three sides and used the neck portion as a flap..added some vintage button (slightly skewed) but I find it delightful!

we also found this beautiful already felted wool blanket as well as this colorful is "Dotty," wearing that sweater....She is a gift for my friend Shannon.

I have several more projects in my head before we leave on Saturday..hopefully some of them will get done!
Beautiful sunrise again this morning...sitting here with my coffee...just waiting to get my Skype call and see special Sunday morning ritual!


Christa said...

Great idea using the sweater ... Lovely pillow ... and your new softie is so cute ... Are you going to have a farewell party for all your "Softies" ??? . They will be going into loving hands and cared for ... !!!! Enjoy your visit with Claire ... Xoxox

Faye said...

Love what you did with those knitted pieces!! You have so many talents Dagmar and it's great to see the outcome of your creativity :)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love the pillow you created! I have some sweaters that I want to use up the same way. I should get started on them!