First of all, Happy Happy Birthday Evelyne...I hope that you will be totally spoiled for the next few months in Cabo. How grateful we all are that you were able to be Harry's donor.. We love you and wish you a sweet birthday!
Secondly, to my dear friend Shannon, celebratng in style in Maui...Oh Happy day to you as well..See you next week here in AZ!
And last but not least, our Helicopter pilot buddy Leighton celebrating and sharing a birthday with these lovely ladies...we will share a pint together this summer for sure!

A little early shopping at Anthro to to check out what is cool...a few things might of hopped into my basket....
maybe, maybe not!...How are your elves making out? 

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Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

My elves better get a move on. They're slow!