I had lots of fun today...glittering..all the bases of these little 
bottle brush trees got a shiny coat  of
Such fun...I also used epson salts on the base of the trees..the glue held it in place fairly well..
Are you glittering anything this year?


Christa said...

ooohhh ... so sparkly ... you have been busy ... love the red and white colours for Christmas ... xoxo

Margaret said...

very pretty Dagmar! I was planning to make some glitter houses, have you seen the ones in Inspirico an online mag from Amy Powers, very cute! Mx

koralee said...

Pretty little things...oh yes...3 girls in the house plus me...glitter is our middle name. My middle daughter ordered glitter for Christmas.
I also spy some pretty Anthro velvet ribbon and some tags...happy dance. Love the red dominoes as well. Your world is lovely. xoxoxo

Simone said...

I just adore your little trees...looks as though we are all in the getting glittering lately! I have tried to source trees like these to make a snow globe but here in Sydney they seem impossible to find!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

No, but I should glitter something! Your trees look so pretty! And what's Christmas without glitter?
I did do something with bottlebrush trees today, and it was fun.